This is an area that will be completely transformed in the coming year as we fill out our product line.

- "the Americano I" - Tolex Coffee Table

- "the Americano II" - Walnut Coffee Table

- "the Bark-A-Lounge" - Sofa Chair

....  Much more to come!!

- "the Sofa King" - Love Seat - Coming Soon
- "the L'amp" - Coming Soon


Zachary Dowell is a musician that has an obsession with good looking gear.  He made this stuff because he wanted it for himself.   Now he's decided to share it with everyone.  So contact him and let him know what kind of rock room you want.

The Founder

  • 1. Dark Matter_Final_2 (deleted 06a9f9a760db7f9a99a00255fa7d2275)4:04
  • 2. Apocrypha_3.0_11-1-15 (deleted 5a7f08582b531ea5874472559b83e400)2:08
  • 3. Laylat al-Qadr (The Night Of Power)_11-6-15 (deleted e3bb5adf726897d1492593624177894f)4:48
  • 4. Seacrest Garden_Drum&Bass (deleted e4478abf1b308845e5be77ef4cd244c8)2:02
  • 5. Mind Transplant_11-5-15_v2 (deleted f0fbdba76eefec1f4011ed02794892be)6:41
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